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summer ?? updates


the paragraphs below are meant entirely for shift gaming systems (readers/staff/etc)

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Yay! summer is here. for those of you who want to keep track of the latest games,
be it browser based or client /(ed) games, emulators and such ..

do watch this blog cause I on behalf of the admins and staff of shift gaming systems will
re-launch the site on a new domain, with new contents and possibly things you can't get
just by searching them on google, exclusive reviews, tricks and tips on the latest game trends.

current url ;

future url ; (undecided)

why the move?

- as most of my readers know and most of them are from shiftgs group way back from friendster,
gaming friends, new friends, guide watchers and gfx fanatics is a hosting site acquired by us (the admins of the group) but in the last 2 years,
running it while keeping our busy (lazy) life has brought us to a decision.

the decision that we will sell ( the account its…

past boredom..

Having bad internet connection lately.

Anyways, I bring good news to those who wants to play RF.

Mulander Released Season 6 Episode 1 again.

the Re-Birth of a champion.

main site:

Hope you come and play with us.

and these images were made due to the boredom I got @_@

New Year, New Images.

Can You Live on Php46.00 a Day?

A good read from Definitely Filipino Blog.

Can You Live on Php46.00 a Day?


It's been a while since I posted here.
got too many stuff happening.

problems mostly. and hey! at least my internet is doing okay.

pfft.. O_o

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